About Pilot International and the Texas Camp Foundation

Pilot International

Pilot InternationalPilot International was founded by 40 local business women and chartered on October 18, 1921 in Macon, Georgia as the former ‘Pilot Club International’. The founders had envisioned an international organization with the mission to serve humanitarian efforts through charitable, educational and research programs in communities throughout the world.

The name ‘Pilot’ was inspired by the mighty riverboat pilots of the day who represented leadership and guidance. The Pilot Principles are friendship and service and our motto is “True Course Ever”. Our emblem is a a riverboat pilot’s wheel with eight spokes, and the colors green representing life and vigor, and gold standing for the sincerity of purpose.

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Texas Camp Foundation

In 1991, Pilot’s service focus became brain-related disorders and disabilities. The Texas District adopted TBI camps in 1997 as its focus.

TX Pilot TBI Camp, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Foundation for Texas District Pilot Clubs and TBI Camps.


Joanna Horton, President

Joanna Horton

Dr. Charles R. Gobert MD, Vice President

Dr. Charles R. Gobert MD
Vice President

Joyce Curry, Director

Joyce Curry

Jan Ondrias, Director

Jan Ondrias

Betty Reese, Treasurer

Betty Reese

Verlene Mikulenka, Secretary

Verlene Mikulenka